PEAK Premier: Designed for the serious athlete. PEAK Premier uses scientifically based periodization to prepare athletes for all the demands of their given sport.

Proper Warm-Up
Speed and Agility Enhancement
Plyometric Training
Strength and Power Development
Athletic Testing and Evaluation
Youth Development: A fundamentally sound training regimen in a team setting designed to turn youth athletes into tomorrow's Champions!

Proper Exercise Technique
Body Awareness
Speed and Agility Drills
Muscular Endurance

General Performance Enhancement
Individual Fitness: Ideal for those ready to improve their quality of life through multiple training methods and proper eating habits.

Personalized Workouts
Body Composition Testing
Nutritional Counseling
PEAK Boot Camp: Group training in a supportive and motivating atmosphere.

High Intensity Interval Training
Plyometric and Agility Drills
Strength Training
Cardiovascular Conditioning
Recovery and Reconditioning: Single training sessions for post-therapy patients looking to get back to their pre-injury form.